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Welcome to Crush007


Ever wanted to know who your friend's crushes are?

We have developed this website just to help you find out who your friend's crushes are, and also not to mention, their biggest, most well kept secrets.

How do we do it?

A fake email will be sent to your friend, claiming the prediction of their future love and sex life just by answering a few questions. Your friend will be asked to fill in the following questionnaire:

  • Real name
  • Email address
  • Gender / sex
  • Birth date
  • Name of his/her's biggest crush
  • Does he/she have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If Yes, write down his girlfriend/her boyfriend's name
  • Name of his/her very first crush
  • Ever had sex?
  • Ever watched porn sites/movies?
  • How many times does he/she masturbate in a week?
  • Is he/she attracted to an individual of the same sex?
  • Which skin color would he/she prefer in his/her partner?
  • If she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is their current status?
  • What turns him/her on the most?
  • PLUS: A question of your choice. (optional)

Now, the exciting part! As soon as your friends fill in their secret details in the questionnaire, the data will be mailed to you!! 99% of the time, your friend will fill in all their secrets. Imagine knowing all your friend's secret just like that. =)

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